Most days I'm on a low carb diet, but once or twice a week I have a so called "Carb Day" or refeed day (usually after a heavy leg session) where I exchange my fats for carbohydrates. Where I get my carbs from varies a lot and I don't care much about low vs. high GI. I basically treat myself to something I stay away from during the rest of the week. One of my favorites that I have quite often is crumpets. They are very low in fat and quite low in carbs as well if you compare with other types of bread. I make a fluff using Fitnessguru's One Egg and put the crumpets in the toaster. The great thing about egg protein fluff is that it stays fluffy even on hot food. Toasted crumpets taste similar to waffles and with fluff on top it's truly delicious!

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Made my very special Thai red curry today and as always it's all about quality ingredients. I start out by frying my organic chicken pieces in 10g of Fitnessguru's organic coconut oil together with my Mae Ploy curry paste. When the chicken is ready, I add my choice of vegetables, lemon grass and frozen lime leaves. After about five minutes I add my Chaokoh coconut milk and let it simmer for about 10 minutes. I finalize this authentic and amazing dish by adding soy sauce instead of salt and balance it out with either Stevia or Splenda to get that semi sweet taste and to tone down the chili slightly. I serve it on a bed of Fitnessguru's fitness noodles in a deep plate/bowl. Who said a diet has to be boring?

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I often get asked what I eat and how I enjoy myself. I love what I eat and that I can still eat amazing tasting food without losing my dear sixpack;) Here is an example of  what I ate Sunday 2/03/14 clean cousine all the way!

-Homemade lean hamburger with protein bread using Fitnessguru's OneBake

-Chocolate peanut butter pralines using Fitnessguru's creamy peanut butter, Fitnessguru's coconut oil and Green & Black's organic cocoa powder.

-The famous protein fluff made with Fitnessguru's Egg protein, covered with peanut butter chocolate using Fitnessguru's crunchy peanut butter and Fitnessguru's coconut oil and Green & Black's organic cocoa powder. My diet is far away from boring! Love what you eat and love your body!


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