My name is Martin Bundsen and I'm a professional lifestyle, fitness and transformation coach, UKBFF Men's Physique competitor, nutrition expert, fitness model and celebrity personal trainer with over 20 years experience.

I found my love for the gym at the age of 13. Since then I've researched and studied everything within the field of fitness. In 2008, after finishing my Master in Business at Stockholm University, I decided to move to London. London was tough in the beginning and after almost eight months without a real job, a not so healthy lifestyle and with no gym membership, it was time to make a change. I started working at a local private gym and changed my unhealthy lifestyle completely. One of my best friends and training buddies from my high school years already lived in London. Much like me, he had always studied and experimented with different types of training methods and diets, but I soon realised that his knowledge was on a whole different level then mine. I decided to let him coach me and the transformation began. My main focus was improving my squats and deadlifts and my first goal was to get below 10% body fat according to a caliper reading. I continued researching websites, read books and articles on how to optimise my training and diet. Another friend of mine was working on his PHD at Karolinska Institutet, one of Europe's largest and most prestigious medical universities located in Stockholm. He was studying everything that had to do with weight gain, weight loss, genetics, diets and training methods. With access to the most recent research/studies I started to perfect both my training and diet programs.

My Transformation

During the first 6 months, I went from almost 30% body fat, weighing more than 120kg to weighing around 95kg with 15.2% body fat. My leg strength doubled and my upper body strength increased a lot as well. The expression “Better Every Year” was coined and the race was on. After being coached for almost two years I felt I had gathered all the information I needed, but continued to study a lot and exchanged ideas with my former coach. I started to see results that were far better than I ever could have imagined, even better than my coach’s. I soon took that extra step and I've now competed in Men’s Physique twice, I've signed with the UK’s best fitness modeling agency, I've coached and helped many other people to achieve their dream body and I've trained A-list celebrities and business professionals from around the world. I've managed to maintain a great physique for the last six and a half years, making small improvements every year like our expression “Better Every Year”. I can now honestly call myself a fitness expert, an expert who’s constantly looking for better ways to help you become the best you can be!

Through the years I've shared the gym with A-list celebrities such as Chris Martin (Coldplay) who calls me He-Man, Jeremy Piven, most known from Entourage, Gwen Stefani, Gwyneth Paltrow, Cameron Diaz, the band Muze, Josh Hartnett, Jason Statham, just to name a few. I was also actor Nick Frost private personal trainer and nutritionist for the movie "Cuban Fury", where I helped Nick lose over 20kg in less than three months.

Since my transformation started I've come back to the same place around the same time every year to take a picture. From thumbs up softy in 2008, weighing around 120kg to a cut swimwear model measuring around 4% and weighing around 90kg for the last three years. Let's see which colour I pick for this years photo shoot and fingers crossed the weather will be okay as well.

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