I see squats as one of the most important exercises to both build muscle and to shred fat. What’s even more important is that you got the right form. Sometimes old injuries and tightness/flexibility hinders you from doing a full squat and that’s acceptable. A lot of people tend to add too much weight though and do so called half squats or not even that. In the end you’re only cheating yourself so make sure you practice good form in front of loading too much weight and not doing the exercise the way you’re supposed to. When pushing to failure or trying out a new one rep max your form might not be 100%, but that’s acceptable as long as you know you won’t injure yourself. Always make sure you got a great spotter when maxing out. I recently came across a great video talking about how to squat and how to improve your form (see below). I’ve had my limitations when it comes to squats due to both old injuries and tightness/lack of flexibility. My motto has always been that you should do ATG (ass to grass) squats, but I believe form is more important so I’ve started my journey to perfect my squat and so should you! This is how deep I can go right now without rounding my back at the bottom.

Check out this video and let me know if you agree with the guy demonstrating how to perform and improve your squat.

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Can’t wait for my flat bench session tomorrow! Bench press has always been my favorite exercise, maybe that’s why I’m quite strong. When I was younger I always thought that a wide grip was ideal since your range of motion would be slightly shorter. I changed my technique back in 2010 to a narrower grip tucking my elbows in to protect my shoulders. At first I couldn’t lift as heavy, but I soon got even stronger than before and my one rep max is now 175kg, but with a big arch. With my back flat on the bench it’s only 160kg, but I still consider that as strong.

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A lot of people cut down before summer to look good in their shorts/bikini and even though I like to look good all year around that extra summer cut is really important. Whenever we go to Ibiza we go to a gym on the beach in Playa Den Bossa called Nirvana. I must say that it's quite motivating to work out while watching the waves roll in. People using this gym tend to be really fit as well which inspires me to work even harder. If you're visiting Ibiza, make sure you have at least one session here. After you can enjoy a nice meal or just some coffee at the Buena Onda across the street.


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Every chest, shoulders and triceps workout my main exercise is either flat bench press or incline bench press. Today's workout started with incline bench press, warming up by adding 10kg on each side every set till I hit my actual workout weight which today was 120kg. I then did four sets to failure which today meant 6, 5, 4, and 4. After that I did two drop sets on 100kg and 80kg to squeeze out some extra reps. I continues with 40kg dips four sets to failure, then straight to techno gym's shoulder press with 60kg on each side. I finish off by doing two isolation exercises for chest, shoulders and triceps and these vary depending on what I feel like doing. My belief is always to push to failure as long as your form is good and if I get a good spotter with me, I always do forced reps as well. Didn't take any pictures today unfortunately but found some from a previous chest, shoulders and triceps workout.


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Niklas WadmanLook at that v-shape!! Impressive! Keep up the good work! :) 2014-07-09 18:21
Martin BundsenThanks Niklas! I need to practise my posing so I can get the abs out, or perhaps train more abs! :)2014-07-09 19:39
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