Back in London after almost three magical weeks in Los Angeles, the city of dreams. Last time I spent some time in LA was back in 1997, so it kind of felt like being there for the first time. I have a couple of friends that live out there and I got to know some amazing and inspiring people during my stay. Los Angeles is definitely a city I would like to live in. Beautiful beaches, beautiful fit people, great food, great gyms and a positive dream big mentality which I love. When I first got there I stayed with friends in Wilshire Park, “Korea Town”, but since they were working during the day I hung out with my brother and his family down in Santa Monica. Tried out the famous Muscle Beach gym on my second day and even though if I prefer a proper gym, it was very nice to work out on beach and then go straight into the water.


My friend and gym buddy Mattias arrived Wednesday afternoon, so we met up at our temporary hotel which was opposite a massive 24 Hour Fitness. We got ourselves some guest passes online and decided to try it out the following day. The gym was buzzing and packed with people at 10.30 in the morning. Had a great back and biceps session followed by a massive breakfast before it was time to hang out with my brother and his family for a couple of hours on the beach. My buddy Daniel that lives in LA got me amazing center line tickets for LA King vs. Anaheim Mighty Ducks for my birthday and we ended up having a massive chicken wing feeding frenzy at Hooters prior to the game. The atmosphere in the arena was awesome and after close game with added extra time and penalties LA Kings took the win.


Started my real birthday celebration on Friday night at the infamous Saddle Ranch in West Hollywood where one of my friends works. Too many drinks later I was pretty much forced to get on their bull and I must say I was pretty good until the guy controlling it decided that it was time for me to fall off.

After an amazing birthday breakfast at Larchmont Bungalow close to Wilshire Park it was time to check into our Hotel for the weekend, The Roosevelt up in West Hollywood. We found out that they had pool parties on Saturdays and Sundays and since it was my birthday weekend, we figured it was a great spot. Started out in a suite in the tower for the first night then moved down to a room overlooking the VIP at the pool party for the second night. Had the most fantastic weekend and can really recommend The Roosevelt!


I managed to squeeze in a cheeky little gig at a place called Pour Vous in West Hollywood on Tuesday night together with my super talented friend Lee Anduze who sings on one of my latest tracks. Mattias left midday Wednesday and I moved in with my brother and his family in their house in Santa Monica. My brother was the one that inspired me to start going to the gym and with both of us being old gym junkies, we had to try out the famous Gold’s Gym in Venice, “The Mecca of Bodybuilding”. It was another great experience to train where most bodybuilding legends have trained through the years. Much like 24 Hour Fitness, the gym was packed with fit people lifting heavy weights and grunting.


After a couple of days relaxing on the beach and checking out Universal Studios during the heat wave, the weekend was upon us and I had booked another gig at Bar 20 aka The Grafton Hotel. The Fast and the Furious star Tyrese Gibson was guest at the hotel and apparently he really enjoyed what we played. All the bars and clubs shut at 2 am, but we found a great after party in Hollywood hosted by a group of Salsa dancers. Ended up practicing my salsa and eating Mexican food till 7 in the morning and had yet another super fun night.  

After the weekend I hung with my friend Daniel who lives in a beautiful house up in Hollywood Hills overlooking most of Los Angeles.  Not sure why we didn’t spend more time there to be honest. Equinox Gym was located at bottom of the hill so we had another massive back and biceps session together with legendary long haired model Fabio who had aged gracefully I must say. After visiting my third gym full of fit people I understand why fitness is so big out there. Made some amazing new friends during my three weeks in the city and my plan is to go back as soon as possible and perhaps move there in a not so distant future.


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Since I started my real transformation back in 2008 I've made sure that there's a gym wherever I go on vacation. A lot of people's reaction is that I should rest when I go on vacation, but the gym is a part of my life and to be honest, nothing beats an early gym session followed by a massive hotel breakfast. I usually cut down before I go away as well so I can enjoy myself even more without thinking I'm going to get fat. You have to enjoy life and going to the gym and eating loads of food are two things I really enjoy. I remember when we went to Thailand back in 2011. Our hotel gym was quite limited so we had the concierge drive us to a proper Thai boxing gym out in the jungle at 6.30 in the morning. We had read that they had a bigger free weight area, but didn’t know that you had to be a member to use the facilities. Luckily we arrived before anyone had woken up, so we could get started without questions. Ended up paying a one off fee in the end of around £25 for the both of us and it was totally worth it even though this is what the gym looked like.


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I recorded a little video of one of my workouts training back and biceps. Not the best form in all the exercises, so not really how I would advice people in general to train. If you're new to the gym, posture and form are two of the most important things to think about so you don't injure yourself. Make sure you got someone there to spot you so you can push that little extra.

Warm up:

Lat pulldown: 40x12, 50x10, 60x8, 70x6


Weighted chin ups

- 4 sets with 30kg to failure

- 1 set with 20kg to failure

- 1 set with 10kg to failure

- 1 set of bodyweight to failure

Dumbell row

50kg, 4x10

Straight arm rope lat pulldown

40kg, 4 sets to failure

Barbell curls

60kg, 4 sets to failure

Hammer curls

35kg, 4 sets to failure

Arnie curls

16kg, 4 sets to failure


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